Thursday, February 1, 2007

the rules

sooo - this has been an interesting morning. I got up to bake the foccaica I made last night, and to put the veggies in the crockpot for dinner. That all went well, except my kitchen was on the cold side so the bread didn't rise very well. At least it's still tasty. More into the detailed food stuff later, right now, I think I'll go over...


Here are Melissa's rules for our $1/day/person deal:

1. Free Food: free food to use are foods that can be obtained by the general public. This includes the sugar and butter that the food court at the mall leaves out. This does not include food that my coworkers will try to feed me. Yes, it's free, but Jane's black beans and rice are not available to the general public.

2. Staples: Staples that I use on a near daily basis, but only have to buy a couple of times a year may be used. This includes oil, salt, spices, condiments and yeast. The stipulation here is that I can only use what I had at the begining of the month. No seperate check for staples. Four, sugar and butter are not included here, since I usually buy those around once a month.

3. Potlucks: We can only participate if we contribute. I have a feeling our contribution will be two loaves of mushroom focaccia.

Since the power at the office will probably go out (AGAIN) at any second, this is all for now.

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Christine said...

Melissa, that's very impressive! Wish I could have made it to your $12 for 12 event. I hope you'll repeat it, because I need to learn from you - I spend way too much on groceries!