Wednesday, February 7, 2007

This is NOT a diet

Chad and i have both lost 4 pounds in the last 7 day. I knew we were going to loose weight, but this is ridiculous. Everyone I've talked is worried and wants us to stop. If it were just me, then I'd consider pressing on, even with some damage to my health. I'm just that stubborn. However, I won't drag Chad down with me. I'm going to marry this man at the end of September, and I don't think his mom would appreciate me starving him in the meantime. We're going to asess our situation on sunday, and if the forecast is bad, we're going to change the rules.

Basically, if it looks like we're going to keep loosing at this rate and send our bodies into starvation mode, then we're going to allow all food that is already in the kitchen into play. However, any new items will have to be paid for out of the $56 budget. If we do that, then we should have no problem keeping to the costs down and the calories up. I have so much food hanging out in the pantry and the freezer that we should have no problems whatsoever.

We'll decide on Sunday.

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