Monday, February 5, 2007

Day 4 - Nutrition sadness

Well, Sunday was our worst day yet for caloric intake. We skipped a meal and that did us in. Of course, we didn't FEEL that hungry. Sigh. Here's the breakdown.

Calories: 962.64
Protein: 32.36
Fat: 29.94
Carbs: 137.39
Fiber: 10.29
Sodium: 1368.43
This is HALF of what a person's daily intake should be, on all factors. ugh.

Calories: 1420.42
Protein: 61.47
Fat: 46.29
Carbs: 187.31
Fiber: 15.97
Sodium: 1712.78

Chad had more dinner than I did, so at least he had more protein.

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