Sunday, February 4, 2007

Day 3 - Total Nutrition

For Me:
Calories: 1558.38
Protein: 70.52
Fat: 37.25
Carbs: 237.18
Fiber: 24.99
Sodium: 2883.02

For Chad:
Calories: 1856.66
Protein: 74.77
Fat: 45.37
Carbs: 288.48
Fiber: 24.99
Sodium: 4624.64

Today we got plenty of protein, fiber and sodium. Probably too much sodium actually. Oh well. I'm also very glad that we made it through the day without having to buy any groceries. That won't be the case today, i have to buy potatoes and carrots. I hope to keep that to under $2 though.

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