Wednesday, January 31, 2007

the night before

I landed on this blog about a guy who wanted to see what it was like to eat on $1/day for a month. ( It horrified me because he can’t cook and knows next to nothing about nutrition, so he basically ate crap for the month. $.89 hot dogs just don’t do anything for me.

So, since I have the whole ‘anything you can do i can do better’ attitude going for me, Chad and I are going to do something similar in February. We’re basically going to eat for $56 (or less!) the entire month. We will also eat balanced meals, not skip meals, not mess up our metabolisms, and have a little variety in our diet. There will be no ramen.

Today after work we’re going to the bank so I can put the months grocery money in an envelope. Then we’re going to the store to get groceries for the next couple of days. We’ll probably have a nice dinner out since it’s the last one until March. I’ll be blogging it here (hopefully) if anyone is interested in reading about it…

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